Since 1995 General supplier for the first Slovak mobile network EuroTel NMT for Eastern Slovakia (base stations and RR trunks in following points: Hospital Kosice, VSZ Kosice, Hospital Presov, Horka - Michalovce, Straz, Hospital Poprad, TU Poprad, Hotel Patria High Tatras, Lysa)
Since 1995 Building, operating and leasing of steel and concrete telecommunication nodes with own electricity connection and building for technology placement. Our lessees are: EuroTel, Globtel, KIKS Radio, LUMEN Radio, Ministry of Internal affairs SR departments, Benzinol, MurCass, Fire Dept., radio amateurs (CB). We are preparing our nodes for Ministry of defense SR. These nodes are following: Horka Michalovce, Hradisko Kezmarok, Domasa, Straz, Makovica, In pre-building phase there are another nodes: Cerveny breh - Kosice, Skalisko - Roznava, Scobik - Snina
Since 1995 General supplier for FM broadcasting telecommunication nodes and RR trunks for KIKS Radio (Kosice, Presov, Michalovce, Kezmarok, Domasa, Straz, Kamenica nad Cirochou)
Since 1996 Operating and servicing of FM broadcasting nodes and RR trunks for KIKS Radio
Since 1997 Complete solution of telecommunication infrastructure for KOMAG a.s. (microwave trunks, G.703, V.35, IP), LAN and WAN networking with connection to servers and local phone switchboards.
Since 1997 Telecommunication infrastructure for Auto Gabriel s.r.o. complete solution. LAN networking with units interconnection.
June 1998 Ministry of Transportation, Posts and Telecommunication SR license for operating of telecommunication services
Since 1998 Telecommunication infrastructure of various private companies solution. LAN/WAN networking.
Since 1999 Supplier for FM broadcasting telecommunication nodes for LUMEN Radio (Michalovce, Kezmarok)

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